Kitbot on Steroids

The Kitbot on Steroids is a simple and inexpensive drivetrain that is robust enough to last beyond the FRC season with minimal amount of maintenance. This drivetrain (or similar) has proven effective through numerous regional and district event wins by many teams.


This section focuses on three major areas, Strategic Design, Match Planning/Execution, and Scouting. Rather than spending time on equations and detailed calculations, the Strategic Design gives a more high-level overview of how to design an FRC robot. This portion includes sections on such often neglected strategic design areas such as Game Analysis, Chokehold Strategies, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Task Prioritization, and Tradeoffs using a case studies from past games. The Match Planning/Execution section discusses effective habits and strategies that will help lead a team to victory. This is a must for those who enjoy the strategic aspects of FIRST. The Scouting section deals with effective techniques to collect information on your partners/opponents, and how to make the most of this data. Advanced statistical metrics analgous to "Sabremetrics" in baseball will also be discussed. The section is filled with entertaining and insightful historical FIRST anecdotes from the past 14 years. With the information in this section, you can turn your team from a mere competitor to a perennial powerhouse!


SimPhone is a comprehensive resource for learning the fundamentals of competitive robotics. This app is designed to lead teams competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition to success. SimPhone freely is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Team Management

This section discusses team organization, both during the January-February 'build season' and through the rest of the year.

Robot Design

Learn about entire robot design process, discussing robots and games in general, design priorities and decisions, and design principles and techniques.


This section will help you choose the best drivetrain for your team and learn about the specific principles associated with all mobility systems.


This brief section goes over how to incorporate pneumatic components in your robot.


Learn the basics of LabVIEW and PID and also watch our informative videos on comparing C and C++ and an introduction to C++ and PID.